Who we are

Pistelli Pelz has been operating for over 40 years in Brazil and in countries such as Portugal, Spain, the United States, Peru, Colombia, Morocco, among other locations, providing coverage in the operations of various segments such as infrastructure, production, transport, maintenance, etc. Pistelli solutions incorporate Inflatables, with its own technology, and other solutions such as tensile structures and modular structures that offer agility and flexibility.

Its history begins in Brazil, in the state of São Paulo, in the market for leasing and selling inflatable sheds, structured with gables, storage engineering, logistics and temporary storage, in addition to leasing and leasing of roofs.

It has two manufacturing units in Brazil, one in the city of Ibaté (250 km from São Paulo) and another in Jequié, Bahia. In order to expand its service, Pistelli has also been present, since 1996, in Portugal, in the city of Constância, where it operates in the leasing of DVFs, storage warehouses, canvas carp, modular sheds, inflatable pavilions and mobile roofs.

Pistelli works pioneering to guarantee innovative technology in the development of special projects. It has engineering and architectural professionals, as well as technical personnel, who work in support of project professionals, enabling the creation of the most varied types of ventilated and structured protection.